Application Change Management Solution

Phire solutions enable the optimization of your enterprise applications to align seamlessly with the demands of your mission-critical initiatives. By delivering application management solutions that integrate with your enterprise systems, your organization gains enhanced capabilities to strategically plan, efficiently manage, and fully harness the potential of your enterprise systems. Phire stands by your side throughout the entire life cycle of your enterprise systems. Given your substantial investment in ERP systems, it's imperative that your enterprise administration software proves cost-effective and demands minimal resources for support and maintenance.


Phire features an integrated repository for managing incidents and defects, offering a flexible solution capable of serving as the primary help desk application for ERP support tasks or adapting seamlessly to integrate with your existing enterprise help desk application. Moreover, Phire stands out in efficiently handling project-specific incidents by creating a centralized repository for their identification and ongoing tracking. Users benefit from the convenience of automatically generating change requests from these issues. Phire's integrated approach ensures a continuous and uninterrupted cycle for identifying, developing, and documenting issues.


Phire gives you the ability to simplify complex change management procedures while setting up crucial controls for compliance and audit readiness. With Phire, task routing and notifications are automated, leading to improved communication efficiency. Phire's flexibility allows you to easily customize your organization's change management processes, ensuring the enforcement of essential controls and the creation of personalized workflow tasks.


Phire plays a pivotal role in lowering support operation costs and minimizing the risks associated with the integrity and dependability of your enterprise system code. It effectively versions and securely stores all PeopleTools and File objects in its repository, substantially reducing the risk of losing valuable development work. Phire grants your team the capability to quickly recover any object version without the need for laborious database refreshes. Moreover, Phire takes proactive measures to avert development conflicts by allowing your team to reserve and lock PeopleTools objects across all environments, streamlining synchronization with a simple mouse click.


Phire provides support across every stage of the system development cycle, encompassing requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and production support. It incorporates built-in features that seamlessly address each of these functions within a fully integrated framework. For instance, in Phire, you have the capability to craft a business requirement document, link functional and technical specifications to these requirements, and generate test scripts. Once testing is concluded, any application failures are logged as Incidents, triggering the creation of Change Requests that Phire manages through automated code versioning, approvals, and migrations.


Phire serves as a tool for enabling companies to attain both regulatory and internal compliance. It empowers companies to enforce necessary controls, execute established change management processes, and fulfill reporting obligations. Phire offers a range of compliance reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented controls. These reports encompass security breaches within your enterprise applications, migration exceptions, and a comprehensive history of configuration changes and system code changes.