About Us

The Phire Story

Conceived in the early 2003, Phire officially established itself as a Virginia-based corporation in 2005, thanks to a team of experts in ERP implementation. Their mission was clear: to provide cost-effective, top-tier solutions for the effective management of enterprise applications. With a cumulative 35 years of expertise in software development and delivery, these founders recognized that in the realm of ERP implementations, change was the only constant.

"founders recognized that in the realm of ERP implementations, change was the only constant."

Their firsthand encounters with the intricacies of large ERP systems underscored the critical need for an application capable of encompassing a spectrum of activities. This included project management functions like document management and issue tracking, development tasks such as code version control and code object locking, as well as the management of change requests, involving approvals, testing, and other change controls. Simultaneously, this solution had to exhibit scalability, enterprise-grade capabilities, and the ability to offer an integrated package to meet all these requisites.


The Technology

The founders' rationale was based on the notion that if PeopleSoft customers were willing to make significant investments in the technical architecture and the integrated development environment provided by PeopleSoft's PeopleTools, it made sense to create a solution that could accommodate changes to PeopleSoft applications using these very technologies. This approach would enable customers to utilize their current infrastructure and tap into their existing in-house expertise in technology, development, and support. Consequently, the decision was taken to initiate the development of an Application Change Management solution using PeopleTools.

The Solution

In 2005, Phire completed the initial development of Phire ACM™, a scalable, enterprise class Application Change Management suite built using PeopleTools that enables file and PeopleTools object version control and automates code migrations. Because Phire is built using PeopleTools, it looks and feels like any other PeopleSoft application, facilitating support and user acceptance. The bottom line is a cost effective solution for your change management needs that can be deployed in few weeks versus months.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our customers to unlock the full potential of their Enterprise Applications. We achieve this by delivering cost-effective application management solutions that help organizations reduce expenses, enhance operational efficiency and dependability, and attain compliance.